Join Us Saturday, October 6th

Monofilament Cleanup


Sarasota Bay Watch: 10th Annual Monofilament Cleanup
Saturday, October 6 * Sarasota Sailing Squadron * 8:30-12:30
Be Part of the Solution!

Shore birds depend on fish and aquatic life. During the current red tide bloom there is a shortage of fish for them to eat.  When that can find a fish, it may be contaminated with the red tided neurotoxin.  Save Our Seabirds has been taking in as many as 40 birds per day.

Let’s help our fine feathered friends by cleaning up their homes.  Join us to prevent bird entanglement on SATURDAY OCTOBER 6 when SARASOTA BAY WATCH joins with Florida Audubon and Save our Seabirds to clean monofilament (fishing line) from mangroves and bridges in your community.

During this desperate time, we can still do something that makes a difference.  Entanglement of shorebirds by fishing line is a genuine threat to bird survival.  In previous cleanups volunteers for this event have found as many as 4 entangled birds during this one-day event.

Volunteers are welcome to clean up from shore at any bridge from Bradenton to Venice.  We also welcome boaters who can attack more inaccessible places.  We will gather at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron, 1717 Ken Thompson Parkway in Sarasota, on Saturday October 6 at 8:30AM, then spread out across the region.  Afterwards we will reconvene at the SSS for a light lunch and gathering of friends at 12:30.
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