Lionfish Calcutta


 The Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) invites ALL DIVERS & ANGLERS to join in the removal of Lionfish (Pterois volitans) on Florida’s West Central Gulfcoast. This one-day event will be held at the Belleair Boat Ramp located at 3900 W. Bay Dr., Belleair Bluffs, FL 34640, on Saturday May 19, 2018. Rain date for this event is on Saturday July 28th, 2018. Cash prizes for this event will be based on number of entries. The FSDA will pay out 100% of monies collected from the entry fees (less tournament expenses). 

RULES: SAFETY FIRST: We are doing this for fun, to raise awareness of lionfish and to booster funds for the FSDA that will be used to support various divers’ rights programs. Do not dive beyond your training level, comfort level or violate safe diving practices. 

This will be a one-day event. Diving will be on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Divers may enter the water at 7:00 AM. At least one participant from each team must be in the weigh-in line, with their fish, at Belleair Boat Ramp by 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Participant’s not in line with their fish by 6:00 PM will be disqualified. 

Captain’s Meeting Wednesday, May 16, 2017 7:00 PM, Ferg’s Sportsbar May 16th, at Ferg’s, is also the kickoff party for the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge, so it should be a fun-filled evening with fellow divers! Attendance at the Captain’s Meeting is not required but it is recommended that at least one team member attend the Captain’s Meeting. 

Registration ends at the close of the Captain’s Meeting on May 16th, 2018.  Registration ends 9:00 PM on May 16th, 

2018 Registration fees: Current FSDA members $20.00 per person Non FSDA Members $40.00 per person (includes 2018 FSDA Membership) Registrants paying with cash  or check payment can be made in person or mailed to the following location: To pay with credit card please visit 

Registration ends on Wednesday, May 16th 2018, at 9:00 PM The rain date for this event is Saturday July 28th, 2018. After registration, there will be absolutely no refunds.  

  This is a team based event. Teams can consist of 1 - 4 divers.  Jim’s Dive Shop 9385 C Bay Pines Blvd. St. Petersburg, Fl. 33708 2018 FSDA Lionfish Calcutta May 19, 2018 5. Tournament Boundaries - Northern Boundary latitude #29.00 (Yankeetown area) and Southern Boundary latitude #27.00 (Punta Gorda area) Eastern boundary is Florida’s Gulf coastline, there is no Western boundary. 6. Participants are not required to possess a Florida fishing license to harvest lionfish. 7. Spines do not need to be removed from the lionfish. Fish do not need to be gutted. 8. Participants may keep their lionfish, after they have been counted for their team total. For extra raffle tickets, participants may donate their lionfish to the Florida Skin Divers Association. All fish, that are donated, will be used for research and food purposes. Participant will receive one (1) raffle ticket for every 10 lionfish that are donated to the FSDA. 9. All lionfish must be in whole, fresh-iced condition when presented at the weigh-in. Any fish poorly handled or iced will be disqualified. 10. There will be no morning check-in. Participants are free to proceed to their dive site as early as they like, but diving may not commence until 7:00 AM on Saturday, May 19, 2018. 11. Any team member or participant arriving to the weigh-in line after 6:00 PM will be disqualified. All team members do not have to be present at weigh-in, at least one team member must be in line with all the team’s fish no later than 6:00 PM. 12. Cash Prize Payout (tournament expenses will be deducted from payout total). A. 50% of entry money collected for team with most lionfish B. 20% of entry money collected for team with 2nd most lionfish C. 10% of entry money collected for team with 3rd most lionfish D. 10% of entry money collected for team with largest (by weight) lionfish E. 10% of entry money collected for team with smallest (by weight) lion fish   

 13. For the largest and smallest lionfish, participant must have these two entries separated from their total catch. To save time and expedite the weigh-in line, we WILL NOT be weighing each individual fish. It will be the participants responsibility to set aside their largest and smallest entry for weigh-in. 14. In the event of a tie, for one of the above places, winner will be determined by which team was in weigh-in line first with their fish. 15. At weigh-in, each participant will be given 3 raffle tickets for a chance to win a prize from the table. Quantity and value of prizes will be determined by the generosity of our sponsors. Additional raffle tickets may be bought at the day of the event. Participants may also earn extra raffle tickets with their lionfish donations (10 lionfish donated = 1 raffle ticket). Winner must be present at event to claim raffle prizes. Please Print Clearly Please contact Teresa Hattaway 727-393-3483 with any questions. 


If Paying Online, completed form must be faxed or emailed to the FSDA at the following: Fax: 727-397-2850 email 

I am over the age of 18. If not, my entry in the tournament is authorized in writing by my legal guardian. I hereby acknowledge that if weather conditions turn to small craft advisories or small craft warnings, it is my responsibility to monitor the weather radio and seek safe harbor, if conditions warrant. I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the dangers involved in boating, breath-hold diving, spearfishing and handling of lionfish. I am aware of the dangers of handling lionfish and the risk of envenomation, from their venomous spines. I am aware that these activities require physical exertion and stress. I am aware that the boat captain is responsible for the safe operation of the boat and the safety of the passengers therein. I am participating in these activities with the full knowledge of and the acceptance of all the risks these activities entail and the dangers involved. I am voluntarily participating in this Florida Skin Divers Association (FSDA) activity. I willingly agree to accept the risk of injury, disability, physical and/or emotional suffering, property damage or death to others or myself. I agree that I, my survivors, beneficiaries, heirs, or personal representatives will not seek any compensation, damages, legal costs or expenses, including attorney fees, from the FDSA, the FSDA officers, the FSDA member dive clubs, the dive club officers, their members, or any FSDA individual members, all FSDA volunteers, sponsors, or advertisers for any injury, property damage, or death suffered by myself or others during, or as a result of my participation in this FSDA activity.

I understand that the Florida Skin Divers Association and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission may use photographs of myself and or my fish and I agree to allow said use without compensation. I will read the rules of the tournament and I agree to abide by these rules.