Be a Suncoast Aqua Ventures Project Volunteer- You'll have a blast!!


Suncoast Aqua Ventures is a charitable non profit organization! We have two big events each year.... the Gene Cloud Memorial Spearfishing Tournament in July, and the Reef and Beach Clean Up in September. 

We are powered by volunteers; folks young and old that want to have a good time while serving the community. Many of our staff and volunteers are divers, and others are more land lubbers .... but all of us love the water, and the sea life and its habitat and we are committed to help preserve it.  

So come join us.... you'll meet a lot of nice people .... and together we can make a big difference!

If you want more information on joining or getting on an Event Committee, please email  Or contact Cheryl Huntsinger at  941 962-1488


Could you use some more Community Service Hours for graduation? You've come to the right place.