2018 Gene Cloud Spearfishing Tournament Calcutta

Calcutta Regulations:


The Calcutta winner will be the boat/team with the highest total combined weight for their heaviest Gag Grouper, their heaviest Hogfish, their heaviest Mangrove Snapper and their heaviest Flounder.  Each team is limited to counting only their heaviest fish in each of the 4 eligible species. Each team’s total weight will come from a maximum of 4 fish and not more than 1 fish per species. The entry fee for the Calcutta is $100 per boat (up to five shooters), which is due by the completion of the Captain’s Meeting on July 13th, 2018. The total Calcutta funds will be split among the top three boats/teams with the pay-out ratios of 50%, 30%, & 10%, with the remaining 10% being donated directly to Suncoast Aqua Ventures.  Tournament Weigh-In Officials will not weigh fish individually, to determine for the participant, which fish is the largest. In the event of a tied overall score, the winning honors will be granted to the Calcutta team with the heaviest single weight fish. Any further requirements for the resolution of tied scores will be at the sole discretion of the Suncoast Aqua Ventures Directors.